EziPay Casinos

EziPay is an online payment company backed by CSC24Seven.com LTD. Previously known as Payspark, EziPay services online transactions via a number of convenient online financial tools that offer advantages such as card options, currency choices, global acceptance and more. An EziPay account has two functions: first the customer is supplied with an e-wallet account that permits them to transfer money to and from online merchants. And secondly the customer is entitled to an EziPay ATM account. They are then allowed to make withdrawals and deposits at thousands of ATM machines worldwide.

Registration for an EziPay account is simple. You can do this on your first online casino transaction. Just select the EziPay logo from the deposit method list and you will be routed where you can register your EziPay account. You can fund your EziPay account via Western Union, credit card or wire transfer. Withdrawing funds is just as easy. A player can transfer their winnings into their Internet account, gamble at the casino, shop online or use the EziPay debit card at any ATM. Opening an EziPay account is gratis. Which makes it a very convenient, throw away funding system. EziPay is also a winner because once a customer is finished playing at the online casino they leave the casino website and all is forgiven. It’s an “independent” money funding method in every sense of the word. Other advantages are global acceptance, simple and fast registration, convenient money transaction methods and easy, instant access to the customer’s money via the EziPay ATM account. Plus they offer a incredibly generous spending limit of [$3000.00] per day.

Note: EziPay monopolized the PaySpark name so PaySpark is no longer in existence as a money transferring method. However, the account is still viable wherever you find the EziPay logo. As usual EziPay accounts are not available in the United States and only used at casinos backed by Microgaming which by the way, doesn’t accept USA gambling customers either.

Casinos accepting EziPay are:

Zodiac Casino
This casino is supported by Microgaming and offers 50 free spins plus they accept EziPay.

Casino La Vida
Casino La Vida accepts EziPay and other funding methods.

Casino Action
This is a new Microgaming casino known to offer the biggest free play bonus online, they also accepts EziPay.

All slots Casino
One of the big players in the online gambling arena, they also accept EziPay.

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